Terms and Conditions of our Language School

Terms of classes.

1. Online courses are conducted via instant messengers (for example: Skype). One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

2. By signing up for classes, a student may arrange the first lesson, which can be paid separately, in order to see whether online learning is a proper method of learning. Trial lesson must be paid in advance.

Later, the student tells us what kind of course he/she chooses, then he/she pays for the course. If it is an individual lesson (for one person), the course can begin immediately after we have the bank transfer.

For group classes (two or more people), student after paying for the course must wait until the rest of students from the same group transfer money. If within 2 months, there will be no other person to join the group and a student will not like to wait longer ? he/she will receive money back. In such case, after 2 months the client should send us a mail with written notice saying that he/she expects money back for not starting the course. If a student wants to start classes immediately and there will be no other person to join the group, the student can pay extra and start individual classes immediately.

A Student can call for classes with another person or group of people- in this case a whole group of friends, acquaintances or a family can begin classes immediately after we receive money for the course and they will not have to wait for new people to join the group.

3. A person, who has paid for individual lessons, can settle the time and the day of classes directly with a teacher. The time of classes can be fixed or variable. When it comes to individual classes, a student has to inform a teacher or our office about the changes at least day before the lesson. Otherwise, the lesson is considered to have taken place and it is paid to the teacher, who has been waiting for a student.

When it comes to group classes, the dates are consulted with all the students -and those classes are fixed. If one person cannot participate in the classes, classes are not canceled. Other students have lesson with a teacher. The person who was absent cannot have extra classes to catch up with other students and there is no possibility to get the money back for the missed lesson. However, person who missed classes gets the material a the rest of the group.

4. The fee for classes must be paid by bank transfer into EYC company account ( payment data can be found on http://www.sprakskole.com/ or by Payal http://www.sprakskole.com/pamelding/) in the title, please give the name of a student, language, type of a course and eventually e-mail address.

5. In case of technical problems, which may appear during the classes or while trying to connect with a teacher, the lesson will be postponed to different time or date, convenient to both a teacher and a student.

6. Resignation. When it comes to individual classes, a student can resign after having all paid lesson, and not pay for the next part of classes. There will be no refunds for not used classes.

7. Price list is given on : http://www.kursy.no

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